Concierge Services

MetroCity Concierge offers a range of services
to fulfill your personal, corporate and residential lifestyle needs.

Time-pressed, value-conscience consumers are in search of services and service providers that are able to assist them in their often hectic Work-Life balance programs. MetroCity Concierge provides services to individuals, companies, and residential communities. Please see our service offerings below:

Personal Concierge Services

MetroCity Concierge offers an unlimited list of lifestyle management services to help alleviate the time-crunch in your personal life.

Residential Concierge Services

Offering concierge services as a resident or owner amenity in your apartment or condominium makes a statement like no other.

Corporate Concierge Services

Now more than ever, today’s employees are more technologically and financially savvy; less loyal to their company; and more diverse.

Event Planning

A well planned event is time consuming at every stage.