Why You Need a Concierge

95% of executives and managers kept a “to do” list for the day and only 1% was able to complete it.
NFI Research, August; 2004

67% of respondents in an August 2005 Woman’s Day online survey would hire a personal assistant over a life coach to help complete daily tasks.

In 2004, 81% of respondents in a Monster.com Work/Life Survey reported unhappiness with their work/life balance.

There is little question that the way Americans work and live has changed in recent years. The fast-paced, global 24/7 economy, the pressures of competition, and technology have blurred the traditional boundaries between work life and home life. Furthermore, this new economy calls for new skills—skills like responding quickly to competing demands and jumping from task to task. In response, the topic of being overworked has become a hot subject of discussion in workplaces, in the media, in medical journals, and in homes.

Families and work institute, 2004

  • 26% of employees were overworked often or very often in the last month;
  • 27% were overwhelmed by how much work they had to do often or very often in the last month; 29% often or very often didn’t have the time to step back and process or reflect on the work they were doing during the last month.
  • 1/3 of all U.S. employees—can be viewed as being chronically overworked.
  • 44 percent of U.S. employees were overworked often or very often
  • 60% of employees who very often have to work on too many tasks at the same time feel highly overworked.